HEARTWOOD FOLK SCHOOL for Sustainability & Resilience
(formerly PCT)


PENDER COMMUNITY TRANSITION:  Here below are PCT’s 7 projects for our second year (beginning fall, 2011), that we completed with the incredible support of over 50 volunteers, a great Board of 5, and big thanks to our funders – the North Pender and South Pender Local Trust Committees, CRDVancity, Eco Homes Network, GreenAngels, and Farmland Project!   NOTE: The projects below are from our 2nd year, but now here are the 3rd year projects that welcome your involvement!


1.  Energy Action Day (Saturday, November 12, 2011, 10 am – 3 pm, School Gym):  This event involved local community groups and 150 interested Penderites, including our kids!  We had fun and informative displays, expert and inspiring speakers, plus cool energy videos and lively networking (see poster & summary).  The day was all about energy conservation (i.e. many ways to need less energy), and also energy transition (i.e. shifting to low-carbon, sustainable energy sources).  See www.pendercommunitytransition.ca/energy-references-tips-and-skills and 2. below.

2.  Solar Water Heating Public Education: The goal of this project was to educate and encourage Penderites towards solar water heating installations.  This was facilitated by useful knowledge sharing re: professional and do-it-yourself options (by internet, Energy Action Day and Energy Group Meetings), and by supporting access to bulk-buying, home energy evaluations, and potential rebates.  See summary and www.pendercommunitytransition.ca/energy-references-tips-and-skills.


3.  Community Protein & Starch Growing: Besides fruits and vegetables, local food security also means growing the proteins and starches we need each day.  This project focussed on community cooperation to plant 11 hazelnut trees at the Pender School on February 29, 2012.  We’d like to plant more nut trees in future, and also explore and support community grain, cereal, potato and bean growing.  See www.pendercommunitytransition.ca/community-protein-and-starch-growing.

4.  Community Seed Bank: The goal of this project was to begin developing a Community Seed Bank of heritage, open-pollinated, non-GMO seeds, for our future food security.  As of March 31, 2012, we had initiated cooperation with our local Farmers Institute, Community Garden Society, and Farmland Project towards this goal, had 15 volunteers interested in beginning to grow seeds for the Seed Bank, and had distributed some seeds and reference information (with more skill-building and organization to come!).  See www.pendercommunitytransition.ca/pender-community-seed-bank.

5.  Garden or Compost Sharing: The goal of this project is to help connect willing (but garden-less) food growers, with idle gardens or food growing land (e.g. of retired people).  The second goal is to help gardeners access unused compost material, for soil-building.  The resulting food is then shared.  See www.pendercommunitytransition.ca/garden-or-compost-sharing for more about how!


6.  Pender Youth & Elder Film – “Old & New Wisdom, for a Brighter Future!”  This project involved Pender kids being filmed as they interviewed Pender Elders of various backgrounds.  The resulting film and DVD (to be released in May, 2012) is about old wisdom and ways of living that involved greater community cooperation and local creation of food and goods, and new wisdom and action about the same things!  See www.pendercommunitytransition.ca/youth-and-elder-film.

7.  “Get what we need, on Pender!”/ Economic Relocalization Campaign:  This is an ongoing awareness and action campaign to support increased Pender creation, trading, and buying of what we need, from each other! (and in sustainable, Earth-friendly ways).  The goal is for all Pender people, non-profit organizations, businesses, and government to cooperate on greater economic relocalization (i.e. meeting more of our core needs locally), through existing business, new social enterprises, and in cooperation with neighbouring islands too!  See “Get what we need, on Pender!” at www.pendercommunitytransition.ca for more, and also http://islandfutures.ca.